The Story of Konkani Goes on....

 The heart of Goa and her languages lie in her villages. Ancient traditional occupations still hold their own in these villages as does Konkani- the state language. These occupations have been the source of livelihood for the Goans since time immemorial yet have still have not entirely lost their charm against the newer, more paying... | More

Many hindi film songs have tremendous Konkani influence; few are adapted from our foot stomping Konkani folk songs...

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Let it not fade away...

Language Neglect threatens Identity  

One’s sense of identity is inextricably bound within one’s native language. Speaking their native language is one such factor that binds locals together and it is so mummified in one’s culture that it imparts a unique identity. But with English as the... | More

As people move from one place to another do they take their language with them? Does the language still retain its authenticity or does it get influenced by the language of the new environment? 

Over the years, Konkani has evolved from myriad sources. The colorful history of Goa has greatly influenced the language of her people. The arrival and colonization of the Portuguese had a great impact on the evolution of... | More

A common language is the most binding element in any society.

When the Portuguese in 1961 were forced to leave the Goan shores, they left behind a state in turmoil with decisions to be made regarding her statehood or merger, her official language, the decision to either retain  her unique vibrant culture or lose it forever.

Today Goa has come a long way from then. It is a separate state, with Konkani as the... | More

Goans are aware of ‘Goa Liberation Day’ held on December 19, 1961 to commemorate the Goa’s liberation from the Portuguese rule.

However, how many Goans can actually define ‘Goa Statehood Day?? While everybody knows that Goa was liberated from the Portuguese the story of the inclusion of Goa into | More

Words of fun and frivolity………   

‘Tuie kite hadila?’- What you bought?

‘Tuje naav... | More

Besides the many elements that offer support to the identity of a person, anywhere across the globe, it is one’s ‘language’ that is most vital and prominent. Until, you speak to a stranger, it is hard to decide which part of the hemisphere he/she comes from. India’s rich façade lies in the blend of various cultures, races and languages that are each unique and different as you travel from the Himalayas right down to the Indian Ocean; it is only right to be... | More

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